Xtreme Drum Sound Protection!

"I had broken yet another snare strand while packing up for a show so had to replace it, while I was at it, went ahead and replaced the dented resonant head. I wanted a product that would protect these areas and set out to find something that would work. I figured some sort of lid would be available that would snap on the rim somehow but there wasn't anything remotely close. I began to design my own solution and after multiple attempts and refinement, StrandGuard was developed!

StrandGuard offers complete protection of every drumhead and snare strand"! MykoMan - Founder

Use your snare drum as a billboard!

  • Marching bands can leave the StrandGuard on the drums and flip them over as a part of their performance, providing a great opportunity to spread their message, logos, or special event!
  • Logos and your chosen message can be placed directly on the StrandGuard!
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