Hi-Performance, practical solutions for drummers!

Drummer Solutions offers products that have developed as a result of 45+ years of performing and witnessing first-hand the issues that us drummers face. While many great companies address our needs, some of the simple, yet critical things have gone unnoticed and they can affect our performance dramatically. 

I came across the idea for StrandGuard while preparing my kit for the next gig. It had become frustrating losing snare strands due to them catching on various things, compromising my snare sound. It was also obvious that my resonant snare head magically had dents in it from all the handling. Perhaps I hadn’t been as careful once a gig was done, as I was ready to get outta there! Either way, I wanted a solution and went to buy one. 

I went online to purchase something that would protect the bottom of my snare and eliminate the problem. After excessive searches I realized there wasn’t anything available and begin to look in odd places such as kitchen container lids, etc., all to no avail. 

After many drawings and refinements, we found a great combination of flexibility and strength, providing the protection I wanted and the additional benefit of allowing me to place my snare drums amongst the tom cases, saving me room and perhaps another trip back to the vehicle! 

There are many ideas that may turn to products as the path of Drummer Solutions evolves. I continue to reach out to fellow drummers and run ideas by them to see if they have a similar issue. I enjoy the art of solving problems that only performing drummers will recognize, and welcome solutions for! 

Feel free to drop us a line or ask a question. 

To drummers everywhere...enjoy your passion!