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Why do I need this? I already have drum cases.

StrandGuard offers additional protection that isn't available with drum cases. Many times our strands and resonant snare head are vulnerable, especially with soft cases. StrandGuard is both thin and durable, creating additional packing options without disrupting our vital areas of the snare drum, as well as tom heads.


Will the StrandGuard fit on a 14”, 13”, 12” 10 or 8 lug rim?

 Yes. Simply align the StrandGuard SecureGrips with any two opposite lugs located on the rim.

How durable is the StrandGuard?

The StrandGuard is very durable. There are no "moving" parts and the SecureGrips can be replaced should they ever get damaged.


I’d like to protect my snare drum batter head also, will StrandGuard work on the top rim?