Come by and see Myko and STRANDGUARD!!

4th Annual

Music City Drum Show

Booths 66 - 68

July 20th & 21st, 2024 from 10am to 5pm (Daily)

Location: The Fairgrounds Nashville

Expo 1 Building

401 Wingrove St.  Nashville, TN 37203

All ages are welcome.

General admission  $20 (Daily)    Kids 5-12  $10 (Daily)

VIP admission  $100 (VIP admission will get access to the venue during times otherwise restricted to exhibitors: noon to 5pm on Friday July 19th, 2024. And 9am on Saturday and Sunday).


Protects your drum sound! 

Provides multiple packing options for working drummers!

Perfect for drum storage ~ Nothing touches or rest on the heads!

Perfect for saving space in your retail location!

Lightweight, thin, durable and quickly attaches to all rims! 

Protects drumheads and snare strands! 

Improved load in / out options! 

Ask about exclusive marching band custom StrandGuards!!


Drummer Inspiration Certified! 

Drummers invest considerable time and money creating a personal, unique sound that inspires their performance. 

 StrandGuard assures that every drummer's sound is protected!

  • StrandGuard quickly attaches to the top and bottom rims!
  • StrandGuard completely covers and protects the vulnerable snare strands, resonant, and batter heads!
  • StrandGuard is lightweight, thin, very durable and greatly improves packing options for easier load ins / outs!
  • StrandGuard is Made in USA!
  • StrandGuard is Patent Pending -- There's NOTHING ELSE that protects your drum sound like StrandGuard!


    What does it cost for a snare drum "tune up"? $74

    The following is an estimate due to your personal choice of drumheads and snare strand.

     Resonant snare head cost $20

    Batter head cost $27  

    30 metal snare strand cost $27


    What about the loss of your sound or the time you invest in fixing the problem! 

    Purchase StrandGuard now and protect your sound!